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Sausage and earls

A trip to Békéscsaba

Almost everyone has heard of the delicious sausages produced in Békéscsaba, but only a few people know that this town is also the headquarters of the Slovak community in Hungary.

For this reason, we shall try some Slovak dishes and get to know the prettiest castle of the Southern Great Plains region. We will visit the only fort in Central Europe that was made of brick, and, to wind up, we shall walk in a forest covered with trees that are 300 years old, close to the place where Leonid Brezhnev once hunted himself, hoping to see some deer.

138,00 €
How can
I get there?

Day 1

Our tour starts from Békéscsaba, capital of the south-east corner of Hungary. We meet you at 12:00 in front of the train station. We quickly hop on our bikes to visit the local sights, including the Slovak House, where we shall also listen to music. For lunch, we shall try typical Slovak dishes. We shall exchange our bicycles to a horse-cart, and experience what it was like to travel in the old times, when there were no cars yet. We ride along lanes bordered by pretty acacia trees in the middle of huge fields of grain, reaching the Castle of Szabadkígyós, which is a perfect location for shooting historical films even today.

We visit the Music Parlor and the Pipe Room to get a picture of how the inhabitants of the castle spent their days a hundred years ago. From the well maintained French garden we continue our trip to the Kígyós Puszta (belonging to the Kőrös-Maros National Park) where we can experience the silence of the Hungarian plains together with the songs of various small birds. If we feel inclined, we can climb on a small kurgan.

As our horses are patiently waiting for us, we ride back to Csaba, where we shall try local dishes before going to bed.

Day 2

After breakfast we stay loyal to our principles of eco-consciousness, and we take the train to nearby Gyula. We take our bicycles with, because there is plenty to see in Gyula, so much so, that our legs might not be sufficient to take us to see all. After dropping our bags off in our hotel, we will visit Hungary’s only working Roman cathedral with a mystical air to it, and will get an insight into the life of local aristocracy in the 19th century. After enjoying a lunch typical to the region, we will tour the castle. In the castle everyone can imagine what the high court looked like in the Renaissance era, and, if we are lucky, we shall witness how past soldiers come alive fight for the hand of their beloved lady. To enjoy the day even more, we will tour the 100 year-old Patisserie, and then go on to the famous Castle Spa. Here we can see the tree under which Ferenc Erkel, the famous Hungarian composer wrote the music of Bánk Bán, and we can dip into mineral water originating from 2500 m below the surface, whose original temperature is 75 C°.

When we have sufficiently relaxed in the Spa, we shall return for another local meal, and have the choice of going to bed or wandering around the cozy streets in town.

Day 3

After breakfast we hop on the train again, accompanied by our bikes, and visit a marvelous place that had been unknown to all but the most fervent admirers of the forests until 1989: the ancient oak forest in Bányarét. The diameter of the trunk of some of these special trees exceeds 4 metres – and if we are lucky, we can also see a few large deer. When we have enjoyed the view long enough, we go to the beach on the shore of the Fekete-Körös. The river there has been declared to be the best for sport activities in the whole of Hungary – we can relax in it for one or two hours, or just enjoy the sandy beach and sunshine.

When we have recovered our strength, we go back to Gyula, enjoy a lunch of local delicacies, and say good-bye at the train station.

Full Price 138 EUR
Deposit 55 EUR, which is to be paid at registration
Rest 83 EUR, which is to be paid 30 days before the tour

The price of the tour includes
- accommodation in small, family-ran hotels (in bedrooms for two or three people),
- three meals a day during the tour,
- the rental of the bicycles and other related equipment (helmets),
- the guiding,
- the fees of the pleasure ride, musical events and military show,
- as well as the fees for local public transport.

The price of the tour does not include
- getting to and back from the departure point of the tour,
- admission fees.

Fees to pay during the tour
admission fees
- full price:15€
- reduced price: 10 €

The tour is led by: a tour guid

- You have to travel to the departure point of the tour individually. The place and time of departure: the first day of the tour at 12:00, in front of the train station of Békéscsaba.

Group size
- Minimum number of participants: 7 people. We cannot organize the tour with less participants. If the tour is canceled, you shall be notified 20 days prior to departure.
- Maximum number of participants: 15 people.

Difficulty of the tour
- Cycling during the tour (which usually lasts for about three hours) requires cycling experience and physical fitness. With enough perseverance, people with an average level of physical fitness can reach our destination, even if they get somewhat tired by the end. There are no hills, we cycle on completely flat land. We ride our bicycles on bike tracks, roads with a small amount of traffic or on dirt roads. Our itinerary leads through less frequented roads, bike tracks or dirt roads. It is important that participants know how to ride a bike, and are aware of the rules of traffic relevant to cycling.

About the bicycles
- The bicycles provided for the tour are new and well equipped for our needs.

Necessary equipment
- Clothing: clothing fit for the street as well as riding a bicycle, spare warm clothes, rain jacket, walking shoes, bathing suit.
- Equipment: small backpack or waist bag for the daytime walks, sunglasses, sunscreen, mosquito and tick repellent.

- We spend both nights of our tour in a well-equipped family-ran hotel or cozy youth hostel. All bedrooms have two or three beds and an additional bed can be provided. Each bedroom has its own bathroom and refrigerator.
- We provide linen for the beds.
- For an additional cost, it is possible to be placed in a single room.

Food and drink
- The price of the tour includes three daily meals during the time of our tour.
- Tap water is safe to drink in all parts of Hungary. We recommend you bring at least 1 liter of water for our cycling tour.

- During the summer the weather in Hungary warm and dry with occasional showers.

- The official language is Hungarian, but English and German are understood by many people.
- Cell phone service providers have international roaming partners.

Recommended medication
- Medicine to relieve pain and reduce fever, anti-diarrhea medication, band aids, disinfectants, strip.
- Responsible Tours does not provide medication, only first aid.

- Electricity in Hungary meets the European standard using a voltage of 230V with the two round prongs and generally recessed sockets.

- The currency in Hungary is the Hungarian Forint.
- There are ATMs throughout the country, but in Hungary the cash is the king and the credit card not widely accepted.

- As the weather might change during the tour, our guides have the right to modify the program in case of bad weather – rain, fog or poor visibility. This might mean that we visit sights or do tours in a different order than originally proposed, but in the case of extreme weather, we might be forced to cancel certain programs – keeping the safety of our participants first. This might mean a different, easier tour or sightseeing.

- Each participant is expected to have travel insurance (covering accidents, sickness and luggage) for the whole duration of the tour. The tour guide shall check your insurance before departure.
- We accept insurance bought online, but we recommend you read its conditions carefully before the trip starts.
- In lack of a valid or full insurance our tour guides might deny your participation in the tour.

Tour Contract

Made between Libánusfa Ltd., acting on behalf of Responsible Tours, (mailing address: 1145 Budapest, Szugló u. 64. IV/3. MKEH registration number: U-000137) and Participant, signing this contract, having agreed in the following terms:

1. The tours organized by Libánusfa Ltd. fall under the Hungarian Civic Code paragraphs 389-401. and 415-416., as well as the government’s decree regarding contracts about travel and commissioning travel - 281/2008 (XI.28.) - and the terms accepted in this contract.

2. The dates of the tours as well as the detailed description of the services offered by Libánusfa Ltd. are contained in the document entitled “Important details”, published by Libánusfa Ltd., as well as in this contract.

3. The details in the above mentioned document are an integral part of this contract, especially the parts describing what services and programs are included in the price of the tour, and what additional costs, optional programs and other expenses can be expected.

4. Participant declares having read, understood and accepted the detailed terms described in the document entitled “Important details”.

5. Libánusfa Ltd. has the right to step away from the contract 20 days before the commencement of the tour, in the form of a written declaration. In this case the Participant shall receive the fee already paid as reimbursement within 8 days of the cancellation.

6. Participant and Libánusfa Ltd. step into the Tour Contract upon the following: Participant shall send the registration from available at to Libánusfa Ltd. (via email or post), noting the tour chosen.

7. When Participant has expressed a desire to sign the contract, Libánusfa Ltd. registers the application of the Participant and sends a written message to Participant about the data needed to pay the deposit of the tour (the sum, the bank account, etc.). Participant agrees to pay (transfer) the deposit within three working days upon receipt of the written notification.

8. Participant pays the deposit at the same time as signing the tour contract. The deposit to be paid is 40% of the total price of the tour. The remainder should normally be paid 30 days prior to the commencement of the tour. Participant acknowledges that failure to pay by the given deadline means the annulment of the Tour Contract. Libánusfa Ltd. provides an invoice of the price paid, and shall send the document entitled “important details” together with the “Tour Contract” to the Participant electronically.

9. Participant shall return one copy of the signed “Tour Contract” electronically or by post to Libánusfa Ltd. By this, Participant declares having read and accepted the terms of the “Tour Contract”. The “Tour Contract” is complete upon its arrival to Libánusfa Ltd.

10. Participant takes responsibility for all data used at registration (name, number of participants, age, etc.). 11. Libánusfa Ltd. has the right to raise the price of participation, in the following cases only:

- significant and verifiable rise in the price of public transport
- significant and verifiable rise in the price of gas/diesel
- special wishes of comfort

12. Libánusfa Ltd. has to notify Participant in writing 20 days prior to the commencement of the trip in case of a raise in the price of participation, together with an explanation and exact calculation of the raise.

13. If the raise of the price of the tour exceeds 8 %, Participant has the right to step away from the “Tour Contract” within 5 days of receiving the notification, and Libánusfa Ltd. shall reimburse Participant for the whole amount already paid within 8 days.

14. Libánusfa Ltd. has the right to cancel the tour in case of not enough participants 20 days before the commencement of the tour the latest. Libánusfa Ltd. declares the minimal number of participants for the tours on its website,

15. If Participant steps away from the tour, he/she agrees to reimburse Libánusfa Ltd. for their as well as their business partners’ losses according to the “storno price” declared by the Civic Code Ptk. 320.§ (2):

Cancellation within 60-35 days prior to the commencement of the tour 10% of the price of the tour,
Cancellation within 34-24 days prior to the commencement of the tour 30% of the price of the tour,
Cancellation within 23-17 days prior to the commencement of the tour 50% of the price of the tour,
Cancellation within 16-11 days prior to the commencement of the tour 60% of the price of the tour,
Cancellation within 10-6 days prior to the commencement of the tour 80% of the price of the tour,
Cancellation within 5 days prior to the commencement of the tour 100% of the price of the tour,
The rates indicate the percentage of the original price of the tour.

16. Libánusfa Ltd. has the right to deduct the cancellation fee from the rest of the price to be paid back to Participant.

17. In case of cancellation before the above mentioned time, Libánusfa Ltd. has the right to deduct 5.000 Ft/participant as cancellation fee.

18. If the Participant decides to register to a different tour or a different date instead before the above described deadlines, Libánusfa Ltd. has the right to treat this as cancellation of the original tour and a new registration. The terms regarding cancellation are valid in this case.

19. Libánusfa Ltd. has the right to invite new participants to take the place of those canceling a tour.

20. Libánusfa Ltd. has the right to change the place of accommodation within the same category, under special circumstances, as well as exchange programs for other programs of the same value. If the new accommodation or program costs more than the original one, Libánusfa Ltd. shall pay the difference as compensation and will not charge it to Participant.

21. Libánusfa Ltd. is not responsible for not performing services in case of outside factors beneath its control (cause for vis maior are, for example, strikes, unpleasant change of the weather, leeway of public transport). In case of vis maior the order of certain visits or activities might change, but – especially in case of unpleasant weather - keeping the safety and health of participants of outmost importance, tours or parts of some tours might be modified or cancelled entirely. In this case we shall do everything possible to organize something else.

a) If Libánusfa Ltd. does not deliver the tour as agreed in the contract, it is responsible to lower the price of the tour proportionately. Libánusfa Ltd. is not obliged to lower the price of the tour if Participant has chosen to miss out on parts of the program.
b) If Participant has a complaint about the service, he/she shall notify the tour guide about the problem, who shall record it officially, and give a copy of the receipt of the written complaint to the Participant. In case of a claim for damages Participant shall notify Libánusfa Ltd in writing within 3 workdays upon arrival back home, attaching the original copy of the receipt of the complaint. Libánusfa Ltd. is responsible to investigate the reasonableness of the claim, and notify Participant about the results in writing within 30 days.

23. Libánusfa Ltd. expects and Participant undertakes responsibility for participating in the tours organized by Libánusfa Ltd. with a valid insurance covering accidents, sickness and luggage. The price of the tour does not include insurance for accidents, sickness or luggage. Any costs resulting from damages caused by accidents, sickness or luggage shall be fully covered by Participant.

24. During the tours, Participant shall be responsible for any damage caused by Participant to a third party.

25. Participant shall be responsible for keeping his/her luggage secure throughout the tour.

26. When several people register together, one of them shall act as their Trustee and represent the others (Mandators).

27. The signature of the contract by the Trustee is considered as a signature of all Mandators. Trustee is responsible to inform Mandators about the registration. In case of a failure to do so, Trustee shall be responsible for any claim for damages.

28. Libánusfa Ltd. has trusted its collateral necessary at Generali-Providencia Insurance Company.

29. In case of any dispute about the tours of Libánusfa Ltd., all parties shall aim to find a settlement. In lack of any such settlement, the parties agree to fall under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Pesti Központi Kerületi Bíróság (Pest Central Bureau Court).

Name of the tour (printed): ____________________________________________________

Date of the tour: ______________________________________________________

Name of participant (printed): _________________________________________________________________

Signature: ____________________________________________________

Date of contract: ___________________________________________________________________________


According to the legislation on VAT (ÁFA-törvény 206. §), in effect since January 1st 2011, and since modified several times Participant has to declare under what terms he/she wishes use the services of the service provider.

The declaration is an obligation in the case of each Participant.

Together with the obligation of the declaration the penalty of omission has been also modified, according to the following:

The Tax payer using the services of the service providers is to pay a fine of omission if they provide false information in the declaration, or fail to make the declaration.

Undersigned__________________________________________________________ declare the following regarding the tour organized by Libánusfa Ltd.:

Name of tour: _______________________________________________

Date of tour: _______________________________________________

- I do not use the services as a tax entity (as a Participant) or
- I use the services in my own right, for my own benefit as a tax entity (as a Participant)
- I use the services as a tax entity but for the benefit of a third party (not as a Participant).

/The right statement should be underlined/

____________________________ ___________________________

           Signature of Participant              Signature of official in charge

Date: _______________________