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Our mission

Responsible Tours

Responsible Tourism

Our journey does not end in the train station, nor does it begin there: we appreciate if you do some research about where you travel to beforehand. After your return, you will be able to profit from all the knowledge and experience that you have gained during our trip.

During the trip, we keep an eye on nature that surrounds us, as well as the built environment, all the while observing and appreciating cultural differences. We keep our eyes open, let new impressions in, fill up our batteries and look for alternatives to keep our desire for exploration sustainable, and our travel responsible.

Responsible Tours offers something unique in Hungarian tourism. An alternative which enables tourist destinations to keep their distinct features, and locals to hang on to their own cultures, and avoid becoming standardized victims of the tourism industry.

We do everything we can to minimize the negative ecological, social and economical effects of traveling. In order to achieve this, all participants in our trips try to decrease their ecological footprint. One of the main goals of Responsible Tours is to enhance the wellbeing of locals, by supporting local economy. This includes using accommodation and restaurants ran by locals, preferring public transport and buying products made locally.

As service providers, we aim:

- not to include more than 15 people in one group
- to do everything in our power to minimize harmful ecological, economical and social effects, thus we run a program to minimize our ecological footprint
- to implement a business model that emphasizes sharing the income of our activities with local service providers and inhabitants
- to preserve our natural and cultural inheritance, as well as the diversity of the world around us
- to build a deeper relationship with locals, thus enabling participants to understand more about the importance of cultural and ecological problems caused by tourism, as well as build mutual respect between tourists and their hosts.

What we expect from you

People choosing our trips are aware that they are personally responsible for decreasing the harmful ecological, economical and social effects of tourism. Our aim is to provide a guide for you which will help you keep all these in mind throughout the trip.

Before you get started

- choose an agency that does not only advertise the importance of sustainability, but is seriously committed to doing something for it
- do some research about where you are traveling to
- choose transportation with the least harmful effect on the environment, if possible

During the trip

- do not forget that you are the visitor and that your set of values might differ greatly from that of locals.
- use local public transport, and choose shops and restaurants that enrich local economy.
- ask your tour guide about their policy regarding visiting protected areas.
- when outdoors, adapt to nature, do not disturb its peace.
- do not litter, nor waste anything – water, food or electricity.

After your return home

- tell as many people as possible where you have been, what you have seen.
- keep your eyes open to preserve natural and cultural values in your everyday life, and, if possible, support organizations whose activities aim to protect our Earth.

Do I have to be Bear Grylls to participate?

If you choose our trips, you have to know what we expect you to be fit. This does not mean anything extraordinary, though. You do not have to be Venus Williams or Reinhold Messner to be able to answer the physical challenges posed by our trips, and even enjoy yourself!

We ride a bicycle or row a boat, sometimes choose local public transport, or even walk a few miles to get to know the various stops during our trip.

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