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Szarvasi Arborétum

Mini Magyarország

Magyar Természetjáró Szövetség

The crew




A native of Békés county. His great-grandfather caught catfish with his bare hands in the river Körös. Even though he does not like fishing himself, he is well aware that the blue lyretail is a fish, not a bird… He enjoys the flatlands, oxbow lakes, old style building and climbing up church towers.




A city boy from the Transdanubia region of Hungary. He grew up in a housing estate, but has always preferred to be outdoors – be it in water, on water, on land or on two wheels. He has chosen his studies and jobs accordingly. Once he happened to wander in the Körös-region, its twirling oxbows, and has never since left. He would like to show the place to others as well.




Has always desired to travel and meet foreigners. At ten, she played with German children by Lake Balaton, and because she could not understand them, started to learn German. Later she started working for the Hungarian National Tourism Agency (IBUSZ). She has become familiar with the various branches of tourism, but she is most keen on helping and guiding foreign visitors.

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