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Responsible tourism

Tours in Hungary

The four star hotel, consisting of a seven floor high main building and independent bungalows is on the south part of the city and boasts of its own, sandy beach. The city has a great variety of restaurants, shopping malls, clubs and casinos. The merchants of the nearby market invite you to buy their souvenirs. If this is what you desire, close this window immediately!

If, on the other hand, you are fed up with industrialized mass tourism, if you are confident without a tour guide holding a colorful umbrella up high, if you enjoy peace and quiet, fresh air, if you feel responsible for keeping the Earth a livable place, come with us!

If you are interested to see what the world around you is like and what is happening in it, if you are wiling to do something to see deeper than what is easily visible on the surface, if you wish to live your everyday life eco-consciously, please read on!

With us, you will get to know the untouched natural beauty of the region, its waters, its forests. You can try yourself in traditional local handcrafts, get a glimpse of the customs and historical events of the people who live there. You will get to know the everyday life of the 21st century in the countryside, and, last but not least, you can enjoy local foods and drinks.

With Responsible Tours we discover the country in small groups, few days at a time – all the while protecting our environment and paying attention not to overuse the soil, water or air.

Responsible, sustainable, eco, active, agro. What is common in these expressions?

Primarily that we could add the word tourism after each of them.

In Hungary we use a variety of expressions to describe what is known as responsible tourism in English. All these expressions agree that they stand for a type of tourism that aspires to minimize the harmful economical, ecological and social effects resulting from their own tourist activities.

It contributes to the preservation of local environmental and cultural values, supports the wellbeing of locals and local economy, and is sensitive to the differences between cultures.

Of course, Responsible Tours does not wish to hold debates using dictionaries while sitting in a boat as to what the correct definition of ecotourism, sustainable tourism or Hungarian agro-tourism might be.

Our trips do no accomplish what we believe in through dry theory explained by scholars, but through our everyday practice.

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Boat trip in Békés county Sausage and earls Secrets of the River Körös

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